Project Opportunities

In 2018, over 75 individuals volunteered for the JCK Foundation. For context, that group produced almost $49,000 worth of value to the Foundation — that's essentially a full-time employee worth of help. The Foundation doesn't work without that support and now that we've expanded, we've got tons of possibilities to push the mental health movement forward.

Reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] for more info!


Strategist | Social Media | Remote

Social media is such an important communication platform. We'd love to add someone with intimate knowledge of the Instagram platform that could help us think through the best uses of it's different features to place our content, would be able to source mental health related content and manage our social media calendar.

Translators | Website & Special Projects | Remote

An estimated 38 million people speak Spanish in this Country, another 2.5 million speak Mandarin or Cantonese. We can use translation services but we believe the nature of our content would merit a relationship with someone so we know we're responsibly translating the often tender subject of mental wellness.

SEO Specialist | Analytics | Remote

Ever see those ads that read "CEOs don't know jack about SEO?" That's us right now. We're looking for someone to help define content strategy and link growth programs for our website and social media and develop comprehensive keyword research documentation and strategic keyword evaluations. Relevant experience probably includes SEO, Google Analytics and AdWords. In the future we'll also be looking for someone to monitor and analyze site performance using relevant SEO and site analytics tools.

WordPress Engineer | Website | Remote

We're looking to expand our resources page to include a competent search feature. The basics of the work would to be to give us options on Wordpress search plugins then implement a solution on the front end to present those search results based on tags or the description of the resource. We have mock ups of the page and the background information in database format.

UX Designer | Website | Remote

The Americans with Disabilities Act rightly requires companies of a certain size to make their websites ADA compliant. We're too small to fit into that bucket and the cost is prohibitively expensive to pay a UX Designer. We're hoping someone out there can help us start understanding how we would begin gathering requirements for a project of this scope.

Copywriters | Website & Special Projects | Remote

If you haven't noticed by now, we're a bit wordy. But we love telling stories, so help us tell them in more digestable ways! (Also settle the debate on whether "digestable" is a word.) We think this is a great opportunity to form a lasting relationship with someone that can help across a few of our platforms including the website, our newsletter and social media.

Twitter Personality | Social Media | Remote

We want to expand our social presence to Twitter but want an active voice to manage it. We're looking for someone who has experience with the platform and can be integrated into our editorial and creative workflow. It's a great opportunity to expand your own advocacy doing something you probably already love to do!

Sound Engineer | Collected Layers | Remote

We need someone to mix and master our audio content for Collected Layers!



PR Strategist | Infrastructure | NYC Area

Writing a compelling pitch to a news outlet is a work of art. Finding a podcast partnership is an even greater one. We're looking for someone to help us think through the strategy behind amplifying our message.

Marketing Researcher | Infrastructure | Remote

We're looking for a partner with marketing research to help us map out a specific part of the mental health movement. The project has a couple layers but would require some experience aggregating organizational comparables and breaking down into grouped business models based on ultimate function. First steps would be a series of conversations around overall strategy so we can map out the requirements to start forming the thesis of the research.

Program Coordinator | Legends Programs | NYC Area

The more help we have executing our programs at high schools and colleges, the more lives we can touch. A program coordinator would help us with the initial research about the school we're visiting and would be interfacing, along with John, with administration and educators at different schools. You would also be involved in the follow up to events and of course would always be welcome to attend with us.

Grant Research Lead | Grants | Remote

We're looking for someone to get a jump on organizing the search for that next set of grants and keep us apprised of research related to our mission from around the world.

Sponsor Research Lead | Infrastructure | NYC Area

Bottom line? There's a lot of money that corporations dole out on a yearly basis. The harder we can search for the right partner, the stronger our Foundation's roots will be. We're looking to start a formal search in January of 2019.

Financial Wizards | Budget | Remote

Mike has a thing for building financial models and has a ton of help and resources from the board on the accounting front. But we'd love someone with a passion for financial analysis to help poke holes in our model to expose more efficient ways of presenting information on our operational stewardship.

Data Entry | Infrastructure | Remote

It's not so glamorous, but Rome wasn't built in a day. We desperately need help building and cleaning a few different databases. One that directly feeds the resource page on our website and another that helps us map out what schools around the country could benefit from a Legends Program at their school.


Tournament Spectator | Events | Irvington, NY

We'd love to have a huge crew at the 9th annual Legends Tournament on July 27, 2019. Check out the events section for more information and come be part of the deepest tradition the Foundation has.

Tournament Spectator | Events | Queens, NY

The Big A Tournament was the first tournament we sponsored outside of the Legends Tournament. Come check out the Queens crew on July 20, 2019. The Foundation will have a team playing in the event! The events section has more information.

Photographer | Events | Dobbs Ferry, NY

Come photograph our Holiday Party! It's holiday movie character themed so will be a blast! Check out the events section for more info.