7 years ago, we tragically lost John Cleaver Kelly.

We love and miss you every day. Your warm heart and loving soul continue to inspire so many people on a daily basis. We miss you dearly but when we look around and see all the people you're affecting and helping it fills our hearts with joy. Your impact goes beyond this world and gets stronger every single day. We want to teach you about the John we all knew, and WHY so many people have rallied around him. He was the most genuine person I ever met. This episode is John’s story told by friends, family members, and acquaintances. We share their memories of him to show the world who John Kelly was and why his legacy will never die. John always said while he was alive that his goal was to end the stigma of OCD, you are doing that and so much more. People can now open up and not be afraid to be themselves because of you John. Your legacy is changing the world. Today, we honor John and we ask the listeners to sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about the legend that is John Cleaver Kelly.